B-Jada & LO. – ’82 To ’94 Mixtape Drops 4.20.12

The time has come. B-Jada & LO.‘s – ’82 To ’94 Mixtape will be available to the public as a FREE DOWNLOAD on April 20, 2012 via B-Jada & LO.’s social networking sites(Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Bandcamp, etc).

Who is LO. you ask? LO. is a young 18 year old true emcee that I quickly recognized as a young cat with an old school hip-hop soul. I met LO. through another young emcee who can be described as the same named MC Pat. Both young emcees are dope and have been using my studio to record their own projects but LO. is a bit more active as far as putting content out. I recognized LO.’s movement and thought he’d be a dope addition to the squad so I approached him about seeing if he’d be down to be apart of this Geek Squad movement and without a doubt he was wit it. Since he agreed, I thought that a cool way to introduce him as the newest Geek Squad member would be for us to put together a collaboration project and that’s just what we did.

We began recording what would eventually be called “82 To 94 Mixtape” in January and completed the entire tape within a week and a half. The theme or concept behind the tape is based around me(B-Jada) being born in 1982 and LO. being born in 1994. As we began the recording process, it was evident that LO. and I had a natural chemistry. He’d come to the studio, I’d start composing a beat, we’d come up with a concept for that song and LO. would always start writing his verse first seeing as though I was always finishin up the production. After all that we’d lay vocals and move on to the next track. This was our method and it proved to be successful.

There are 12 songs on the tape, 14 tracks in total(including an Intro & Skit). We’re calling this project a mixtape but all the tracks are originally produced. I produced the majority of the songs, 10 to be exact and LO. produced 2 as well. The mixtape includes features from Geek Squad as well as my Rondavoux Records fam. Those features are: Jazume, Lazy Genius, Rahman Jamaal, Shamako Noble, D.Labrie & MC Pat. The cover art for ’82 To ’94 Mixtape is once again being done by my good long time friend David Seiler. The first single from the tape is called “Three Sixty Five”(http://youtu.be/Etc8zDK0fdI) produced by myself(B-Jada Snax) and we already shot the visual for it which was shot and being edited by another good friend of mine named Dylan Sesco of Vertlife Ent. Sco is my go to guy for visuals. We have a good chemistry and repore as well when it comes to videos so I had to enlist him and his services for a few videos for this tape.

So yea I just wanted to give you all a lil bit of background and history on how me and LO. came together to record this tape and the process that we went through to complete it. We’re excited for you guys to hear what we put together and we’re pretty sure you all will enjoy.

Once again “82 To 94 Mixtape” drops on Friday, April 20, 2012 but until then go DOWNLOAD B-Jada’s “King James Mixtape” and DOWNLOAD LO.’s “B3li3v3” (EP)


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