“King James Mixtape” Drops 10/28/11

It’s official. The follow-up to B-Jada‘s “BloodSport Mixtape” entitled, “King James Mixtape” will be available to the public as a FREE DOWNLOAD on October 28th, 2011 via B-Jada’s social networking sites(Facebook, Twitter, WordPress). I’ve been workin dummy hard tryin to get this project ready for you guys. I’m basically done with the recording process of this tape and now I’m mixing.

The artwork for “King James” is being done by my good friend David Seiler, I’m shooting 3 videos within the next month to prepare for the release of “King James” plus I’ve allready shot visuals to a few songs.

The 1st single off “King James Mixtape” is a song called “Redzone” and the visual for that song will be shot & edited by my boi Sco Dylan of Vertlife Ent. He shot the video for “Miller Time” off “BloodSport Mixtape” so we gon hit’em where it hurt again for”Redzone.”

The 2nd single off “King James Mixtape” is a song called “Backpack” and unfortunately yal won’t be able to hear that song until the release of the tape next month but I’ll just say that “Backpack” is a song that’s gon turn alot of heads! The video for “Backpack” will be shot & edited by another good friend of mine, Mark Bracamonte. Mark along with Josh & Mike Malament who are also friends of mine shot, directed & edited the “Like That” visual and yall seen how wet that video came out so imagine what we gon do for “Backpack”(It’s Curtains). Speaking of Mike Malament, he and I recently shot the OFFICIAL video to “Weirdo” off “King James Mixtape.” I say OFFICIAL because late last year I shot a lil video to “Weirdo” that I edited myself. Some of you might’ve seen it. For me to not have any background or history in video editing it came out alright but the song is so dope that the visual needed to be done right and that’s what we did.

“King James Mixtape” will be a double-disc, 30 songs, 15 on each disc & video footage of some of the “King James” recording sessions….so….when you download it you will get all the music(2 discs), Cover Artwork & video footage. This is like a deluxe edition or some shit. LMFAO! I’m just tryin to give yal a lil somethin more than what you’ve been gettin. I know for me as a fan of music first, I love watching some of my favorite artists behind the scenes footage whether it’s them in the studio or whatever. It’s always cool to see the making of something so that’s what I want to give you guys and I know you’ll enjoy it. A lot of copy-cat rappers is gon bite what I’m doin but it’s all good, I love being an innovator, lol.

…So, with all that being said, October 28th is the release date and mass hysteria will be caused!
“King James Mixtape” – October 28th……….but until then go download that “BloodSport Mixtape” here’s the link: http://www.divshare.com/download/12127759-cfe

-King James


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