The Release of “King James Mixtape”

So as some of you know, I previously scheduled “King James Mixtape” to drop and be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on August 1st…..nope….ain’t gon happen, lol, but it will drop sometime in September or DEFINITELY no later than October. The reason for this is because I have filmed 3 videos for “BloodSport Mixtape“(which is out now) that have yet to be released but will be released sometime over the next month or so. The songs that I’ve shot visuals for are “Hollywood,” “Green,” and “Miller Time.” I’m now in the last few months of promo for “BloodSport” but I don’t won’t to cut off any momentum that I could still gain off the release of these 3 visuals so I’ve chosen to push back the release of “King James.” I could drop it on August 1st as planned seeing that I’m already 20 songs into the tape but with how I’m trying to present it to the public, I’m just gonna take my time and release somethin’ EPIC in a couple months. Along with the mixtape itself, footage of the “King James” recording sessions will be included with the FREE DOWNLOAD and I’ll be editing that footage so I still have alot of work to do. I’m just tryin to take my time and give yall somethin special(authentic music not microwaveable music). So, I ask that you guys please be patient wit me and know that it’s gon’ be well worth the wait!

Until then stay tuned for the next 3 “BloodSport” videos and go download that “BloodSport Mixtape,” here go the link:

Geek Squad Music Group


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